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What's wrong with the broken gasoline pump?


1. Poor oil quality. When the oil quality is poor, the fuel tank will be filled with various impurities or foreign objects. Although the oil pump has a filter screen for filtering gasoline, it can only block large particles of impurities. Small particles of impurities can be sucked into the oil pump motor, which can cause damage to the oil pump over time. It is necessary to replace the high-quality oil product.

2. Failure to refuel in a timely manner. Refueling oil only when the oil light is on will cause the oil pump to be in a low position and not fully cooled and lubricated, resulting in the electric pump motor overheating and stopping operation. It is necessary to refuel in a timely manner.

3. The gasoline filter was not replaced. The gasoline filter has not been replaced for a long time, and the fuel supply system is severely blocked, resulting in difficulty in pumping oil from the engine pump. Long term high load conditions have caused damage to the gasoline pump, requiring timely cleaning or replacement of the gasoline filter.

4. Refueling is not standardized. Irregular behavior during refueling may cause damage to the gasoline pump and requires normal refueling according to regulations.

When the fuel pump malfunctions, the vehicle may feel weak acceleration and experience a jerky sensation when refueling urgently. It is also difficult to start and requires a prolonged ignition. The vehicle will make a buzzing noise while driving. And the fault light of the engine will light up, and the engine will also experience shaking.

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