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Production Equipment

CNC numerical control machine tool: CNC machine tool is a high-precision, high-efficiency numerical control machine tool, which is usually used to process more complex fuel pump components, such as bearings, impellers and pump bodies.

Injection molding machine: Fuel pumps need to use plastic parts during manufacturing. Injection molding machine is a special machine for injection molding, which can heat and melt plastic particles and inject them into the mold for molding.

Laser marking machine: Marking and engraving are very important in the production of automotive fuel pumps. Laser marking machine is a high-precision, high-speed equipment that can use laser beams to engrave logos and parameters on the surface of fuel pumps to ensure that products meet standards and specifications.

Surface grinder: The surface grinder is an important tool in the production process of fuel pumps. It is used to modify the surface of fuel pumps to ensure tight connections between various parts and reduce leakage.

Sandblasting machine: Sandblasting machine is a kind of equipment for cleaning and purifying the surface of fuel pump. It can remove dirt and paint on the surface of fuel pump through high-pressure airflow, making the surface smooth, smooth and easy to handle and process.

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