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Company Profile

VDI® is a well-known auto parts manufacturer in China, specializing in providing engine-related products.  Its products cover many fields in the automotive field, including fuel systems, emission control, shock absorption systems, brake systems, etc.  VDI's gasoline pumps are outstanding in terms of performance and quality, with high quality standards and strict quality control made in Germany.

VDI® Fuel Pump Company is a long-established and experienced auto parts manufacturer.  The company has advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, and is committed to providing high-quality, high-performance products to global customers.

The company's factory is located in China and has independent design and manufacturing capabilities.  VDI® Fuel Pump Company also pays great attention to environmental protection and labor safety in factory construction and management.  The company adopts advanced production lines and automation equipment to ensure high efficiency, high quality and high precision in product manufacturing and assembly.

In the factory, VDI® Fuel Pump Company also has several laboratories and has an experienced technical research and development team. Equipped with the latest testing equipment and instruments, these laboratories can conduct a wide variety of tests and analyzes to provide products with the best performance and quality during the research and development process.

In addition to having first-class technology and equipment, VDI Fuel Pump Company also pays attention to the cultivation and development of talents.  When recruiting talents, the company pays attention to strength and innovation ability, and provides employees with a full range of career development and training opportunities to help them achieve their career goals.

To sum up, the factory of VDI® Fuel Pump Company represents the high level of China's auto parts manufacturing industry. The company has made outstanding achievements in its own technology, technology, management and personnel training, and has provided its customers with high-performance and high-quality products and services.

The automotive fuel pump is an important part of the automotive fuel system.  Its function is to transport the gasoline or diesel in the fuel tank to the engine combustion chamber through the pipeline, so as to provide the power required for the operation of the vehicle.

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